Cyclone Yaas amid the Corona Age

Cyclone Yaas Live Updates

Cyclone Yaas amid the Corona Age

Someone has said rightly that once the problem starts coming it comes with a chain of several other problems. One problem doesn’t end and the second one pops up. We are still struggling with the pandemic and when the country faces something else, it poses hard challenges on the Government and the citizens. Cyclone Yaas has adversely affected India and Bangladesh. 

Eastern India has been lashed by this severe storm. Cyclone Yaas has hit the states of West Bengal and Orissa. It has intensified to a greater length as to lashing out Bangladesh along. All of it leaves the citizens and the government in huge amazement as the country was hit by two cyclones in a week. Cyclone Tauktae killed more than 150 people in the country. The worst part is that India has to deal with the cyclones’ destruction amid Covid-19. 

What destructions are caused by Yaas in West Bengal

It is unfortunate to mention that Yaas has distorted coastal areas with furious wind and rain. Not just this, it made a landfall, damaged houses, and had put lives in constant danger. Some of the towns as a whole were swamped by Cyclone Yaas. As mentioned by Mamta Banerjee, chief minister of West Bengal, that 20,000 homes were damaged in the state. The destruction was caused by four-meter-high waves (13 feet). One person died while being dragged into the sea and the other died when their home collapsed. And in Orissa, two people were killed by uprooted roots. 

Trees and electric poles were poorly distorted. Kutcha houses were badly damaged as Cyclone Yaas has overruled the coastal districts in West Bengal. Many of the districts are living without power since Tuesday night. A greater portion has been evacuated for the safety of the netizens. 

Human damage is the greatest damage, we all know now how it feels to lose a family member. 

Does Jharkhand remain on high alert? 

Yes, Jharkhand remains on high alert. Jharkhand Government has evacuated over 10,000 people to safer places. The forecast has mentioned that Yaas would be hitting the state sooner. The government has posed complete lockdown in some of the areas to prevent the venturing of people. Jharkhand is the next target of the Cyclone after banishing the neighboring countries, West Bengal and Orissa. Jharkhand government is ready for the war of it has evacuated 9502 persons from a total of 302 sites. 

How badly Orissa is affected by Cyclone Yaas?

There is no major loss in Orissa mentioned by the authorities of Orissa. But, the landfall is taking place in Bahanaga and Remuna Bock. This storm had crossed the North Orissa coast about 20 km south of Balasore. The estimated speed of the wind was 130-140 kph that had gusted to 155kmph on Wednesday. 

In Mayurbhanj, the estimated speed of the wind can be in the range of 100-110 kph. The reports had mentioned that there was no such major loss of lives. In Balasore and Keonjhar district, trees fell on two persons. 

The telecommunication department did not face huge damage. Power was affected but not at a greater intensity. Power infrastructure got a bit danged due to the falling of trees on transmission lines. Roofs of many kutcha houses were blown away by the strong winds. 

Indian Meteorological Department predicted that the tidal surge was observed above 4 meters in two districts. 

What were the steps taken by the state governments to lower the damage to property and human lives? 

  • West Bengal- West Bengal Government had taken all the precautionary measures to lower the impact of Cyclone Yaas on 26th May 2021. Mamata Banerjee held a high-level meeting at the state secretariat to discuss the matter in deep. She said that the relief material was dispatched to the vulnerable areas of the state. She also ordered an early evacuation of the people from the coastal areas. 

She had extensively reviewed Disaster Management preparedness. All the agencies were asked to spring into action. The state government had also opened several control rooms in the state to handle Cyclone Yaas. 

She also said that all the precautions of covid-19 while evacuation were taken into consideration. All the evacuated people are provided with food, shelter, and water. 

  • Jharkhand- 

The Jharkhand government had decided to evacuate 10000 people before major destruction. It was estimated that on Wednesday the wake of Cyclone will destroy Bokaro. The authorities had ordered to set up shelter camps in all the eight blocks of the district. 

Deputy commissioner Rajesh Singh requested the residents to stay indoors. The villagers who do not have pucca houses were taken into the shelter by the Government to reduce the loss of lives. The department of the forest was ordered to form a few teams to ensure the trees and the branches that fall on roads. The trees were removed from the roads right away to reduce the risk of accidents. Transport Department was asked to make several buses ready for the rescue operation. 

  • Orissa- 

Cyclone intensifies as the hours pass by. The state government has launched massive evacuation exercises in the vulnerable areas of the state. As mentioned by the officials, evacuation has been started in the Balasore district. The eye of the storm will be the Balasore district. The chief minister reported that they are fully prepared and the officers are in touch with the center. They also mentioned that they will get back on the requirements as soon as possible. 

Conclusion- Cyclone Yaas: A trail of destruction

Can you see a similarity between Yaas and Amphan? The time of occurrence, the intensity of destruction, and the property loss is exactly the same. The Cyclones will pass but it is our duty to cooperate with the government as much as we can. All the states affected will restore the damage caused by the Cyclones in the week. We must pray for the lives affected. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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