Daily Habits that lead to a healthier life

Ways to live a healthier life

Daily Habits that lead to a healthier life

You must have heard about the famous saying “Health is wealth” In my opinion, the statement contains half the truth. Not even half, I must say. According to me, our health is everything. A healthier life is something that everybody desires. A healthier life lets us live longer with helping us in living the life most optimistically. Getting ill often makes our perspective of life weaker. It has always been on us. 

We choose our lifestyles ourselves. We also make it worse. What are the things that we must do to make our life a healthier one? If you think that exercise is the only way to live a healthier life, you are thinking it wrong. Taking control of our intolerable and shabby habits also helps us to attain a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy takes a lot of dedication and hard work. This cannot be achieved over a night. It might take days, weeks, months, and maybe years.

Ways to live a healthier life

It is way more important for us to live a healthy life. Everyone wants a better life yet very few want to be better people. Having an optimistic sight towards life make us better human. Healthy does not only mean being physically healthy. It also means being healthy mentally. 

In the below section, we will provide you with some of the habits that you must adopt to live a healthy and happy life: 

  • Do not smoke- Some people say that they smoke because they enjoy the ritual of smoking. Some people have experienced an increase in attention and focus with the help of smoking. While some others say that they like the pleasurable feeling provided by smoking. 

In spite of the pleasurable feeling it provides, it has nicotine and other poisonous chemicals that cause an end number of diseases. It can give you heart and lungs problem. Smoking has no relation to living your life healthy. You must quit smoking to have a healthier life. You can take help from different motivational, medicinal, and many other ways. 

  • Exercise and Yoga daily- Practice exercise daily. A proper workout keeps you away from many problems like obesity, heart-related, cholesterol-related, and many more. 

Exercising daily has an end number of benefits. You must have heard your elders saying that they used to wake up so early for running and exercising. Before few decades, people were more fit and healthy compared to now. Their eating and sleeping habits were way too good than ours. 

In what ways Yoga and exercise will help you to attain a healthier life? 

  1. Controls weight- Exercises burn calories. Obesity is a huge problem on its own. It leads to any kind of disease.  
  2. Maintains cholesterol level- Excess cholesterol shows us the path towards cardiovascular diseases. Exercises boost the “Good” cholesterol and also helps in keeping your blood flow smoothly. 
  3. Boosts Energy- Exercises make you feel fresh at all times of the day. Workout improves your daily physical activities like climbing up the stairs and going to the market on foot. 
  4. Ensures better sleep- If you have a night of disturbed sleep, then here is the solution. Doing exercises daily makes us feel tired. When we are tired all that we can see is the bed. 
  5. Releases psychological stress- How physical activity can release the stress which is present in our mind? The study has observed that exercises provide a positive impact on our minds. We tend to find the solution to our problems more effectively. 
  • A Balance Diet– I am going to make you realize something. You ordered a pizza, you ate it. Finished, right? The slices of pizza gave your mind satisfaction. You were craving for something good. But, what? It ended anyhow. You had 2 chapattis, a bowl of rice, salad, and a bowl of yogurt. It gave you the satisfaction of stomach that yes you ate something. You are full now. Having the second type of meal gave you physical satisfaction that is going to last long. You had a balanced diet whereas having pizza gave you mental satisfaction which might end within few minutes. 

Would you like to opt for something which is lifelong or a few minutes long? Having each and every kind of nutrient in our diet leads us to attain a healthier life. Consistency is the key, rest the choice is yours. 

  • Have a positive attitude towards life- You have heard of the words “anxiety” and “depression” I met a kid prone to anxiety attacks. I told his parents that he is experiencing anxiety for a few months now. I was shocked when I got their answer. They told me that this is the way he shows everybody. He is not prone to anxiety. I was stunned by the fact that people are dying from anxiety and depression and still few do not even believe in it. 

The point is sometimes we overthink every little thing which leads us towards being depressed. The past episodes of our lives torment us till our death. To scare the depression away, we must have a positive sight towards life. If we are here, then we have a purpose. Letting things go for good, will also help us build our present and future. Therapy sessions can also help you to get out of the room of anxiety and depression.

  • Get a good amount of sleep- Do not shorten your sleep hours. An adult must get 6-8 hours’ sleep. Make sure that you fulfill this requirement because your body needs it. 
  • Quit smoking and stay sober- Drinking alcohol, consuming tobacco, drug intakes, and many other pleasurable things get us closer to the last day of our life. Take help from some doctors to quit such things. 

Practice these habits consistently and these will bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle. It is important for us to do the above-mentioned activities. It is better to apply it yourself and tell your friends and family to do the same. Do not get lazy and feel that tomorrow will be the day to start. Let’s get started right now!

Dheeraj Bhandari




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