Dreams have no expiry! Live them now, then, or whenever you want to


Dreams have no expiry!

                       “Un Deseo, no cambia nada, una decisión cambia todo”

This famous Spanish quote says, ”A desire, changes nothing, a decision, changes everything” It is true that thinking of something continuously would not bring a change whereas putting your feet into it would change everything. Dreaming of something isn’t sufficient. 

Dreams just don’t mean to have a luxury and perfect life or spin the world around. It means something that you really desire, something that can stay in your mind for a longer period of time, something that can put a smile on your face even if it stays in your imagination. 

Do you have something like that in your mind? I’m sure you have. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what we really want from our life, from our surroundings, and from the people that we have with us. But, a thought or two can make you feel sorted. Everybody desires something or the other. But, why must it stay in your own world? Why can’t you bring them to reality? Are you afraid that you expect too much without the certainty of the dream, being possible? 

Well, if you think about picking up a star for your loved one is your dream, then that’s idiocy. Dreams don’t mean anything. Dreams mean something that belongs to the real world. Why did I say that it must come out of your imagination? I said that because you dream something that has chances to be fulfilled while picking up a star isn’t. So, the point is if you desire something which is practically impossible, then you are dreaming it wrong. 

You’ll have to walk over a thousand spines in order to reach the destination you have always wanted to reach. But, once you reached it, then it’s worth the pain. Nothing and nobody can change the way you desire something. There’s no specific age to fulfill your dreams. Acting upon what you really want can happen anytime. Do not let the doors of your mind shut for the ideas and the creativity. 

Dreaming is beautiful but struggling with your life to live your dream is a marvelous experience. Many people and many things are going to come in your way but you must be strong enough to deal with all of it with the strength that you have in you. Often, people are dragged down because they’re different or they want to do something extraordinary. Don’t let them drag you down because nobody can drag you down. It is our willpower that drags us down or hinders our creativity. It’s us who believe in what people say. 

When I was a teenager, I used to care a lot about what people say about me. But, I’ve always wanted to be like the people who never really care what people think of them. And, I also thought that I can never be one of them. I used to ask myself, “Why am I being criticized for something that is different about me?” “What have I ever done to those people who say stuff about me?” “Where am I wrong?” 

Nah, it is not us who’s wrong if we go towards reaching our goals. There’s no age, no boundary, no negativity, no distraction, no influence, and no pressure that obstructs our activities. Living your dreams now or when the right comes has supremacy. 

Nothing and nobody will make you feel content else than the fulfillment of your dreams. As you know that dream has no expiration date. If you’ve thought of climbing up the mountain then go higher rather than stepping back. The peak of the mountain isn’t far away. It’s too close!

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