How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing

How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

We are going through technological decades. Nobody knows how much it is going to expand. When we have shifted everything online, then why should our business activities and marketing strategies should rest behind? How has everything evolved in marketing and its strategies? How has digital marketing changed traditional marketing? What makes digital marketing a term superior to traditional marketing? Is it the internet? Yes, of course, it is. But what is the difference between expanding the business through digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies

Before finding out the answers to these questions, let us understand the meaning of both terms. 

What is traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is a type of marketing that works on the concept of spray and pray. It is the type of marketing that isn’t online. In traditional marketing, the team tries to spread the information of the product via print, broadcast, direct mail, door-to-door advertising, advertising with billboards, and many more. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Traditional Marketing helps the marketer by reaching out to the local audiences easily. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is an online marketing type. Whenever a company or a firm plans to go for online marketing and PPC advertising then that is termed as digital marketing. It has become popular due to social media advertising. It is observed that how digital marketing is changing business. Well, why it has become such a trend? Why every corner of social media is filled with brands and brands which are trying to get their way out in an adversely competitive world? The main reason is that the brand works on a bigger platform. Nothing can predict the brand’s success when it is presented on a wider platform. 

Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Digital Marketing can be targeted to specific audiences. Digital marketers target the audience based on age, sex, and community. However, traditional marketing does not target a particular group of people. The below-mentioned points of difference will clear the idea of digital and traditional marketing: 

  • Type of marketing- The way a company speaks out to spread the information about the product is the type of marketing. Traditional Marketing prefers structured and clear advertising campaigns. They opt for service hotlines whereas digital marketing comes up with unstructured and unclear status updates. Modern marketing opts for ad campaigns, blogs, posts, comments, and social media to advertise the product. Traditional Marketing speaks out for a specific audience via posters, newspaper advertising whereas digital marketing works on a broader platform to spread the specifications of the product. Now, suppose you want to advertise your product via social media. You will look for various links available online. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others will become your helping hand. 
  • The direction of Communication- Traditional Marketing communicates unidirectional (i.e. one to many). This means that information will be spread by the Company and the Customers (or targeted audience) only listen. There is no option for feedback. This becomes quite a drawback of traditional marketing. Speaking of digital marketing, the communication is multidirectional (i.e. many to many). Both company and consumers talk and listen (both active). Consumers have the right to create content, like, or post. They are also allowed to provide the proper feedback to the Company. Even the company works on the feedback provided by the audience. 
  • Response Time- Let us understand the difference between the two based on response time with the help of an example. Let’s say, someone, is interested in the product after seeing an ad in the print or on TV. This doesn’t allow them to look for additional information at that instant. The TV ad will show only to the extent that the company wants to show. The rest of the research is done by the customer only. Therefore, the response time in traditional marketing is longer. On the other hand, the response time is quick when marketing is done online. As soon as the ad is seen by the customer, he/she clicks on the link and extracts the accurate information that must be provided. 
  • Availability- To be honest, in traditional marketing, the marketing team is available only during working hours. No direct support is available beyond regular working hours. However, you have all-time support (24 X 7) in digital marketing. A constant readiness to respond to negative comments and consumer requests. 
  • Scheduling- Marketing Strategies are not too easy to implement. It takes time. It takes a lot of time in making strategies, looking for feasible alternatives, looking for resources, and many more steps. But the scheduling in Traditional Marketing is long-term. Ad campaigns are planned both over and for a long period. Digital Marketing scheduling is short-term. Ad campaigns are not planned in detail. 

Difference between traditional marketing and online marketing for the product, price, place, and promotion 

The 4Ps of Marketing Mix is the main focus area for an effective marketing plan. But the working of the 4Ps is different in digital marketing than that of traditional marketing. The 4Ps of digital marketing includes process, people, platform, and performance. This does not mean that the traditional 4Ps are not in the process of digital marketing. The importance of the new 4Ps overcomes the need for traditional 4Ps. Let us learn the difference in the marketing mix of digital marketing-

  • Process- The head of every marketing team must juggle strategy, internal processes, and personnel while coordinating technologies to profitable execute and prove Rate of Interest.
  • People- Again, the customer is the king of the market. Targeting people correctly is the main motive of this marketing mix. 
  • Platform- The platform of traditional marketing and digital marketing is quite different from each other. The platform provided for digital marketing is social media. It waves off the need for physical promotion. 

Performance- Real-Time Analysis is provided if digital marketing is to have opted. This lets’s know the actual performance of the brand and brand name. Success now can be measured. 

Conclusion- Traditional Marketing Vs Modern Marketing 

It depends from company to company. Marketing strategies have evolved for years. Digital Marketing has provided each firm with a wider platform. Though, it depends on the preference of the company. Digital Marketing mix includes many other Ps and the scope of this type of marketing has been increasing day by day

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