How to protect yourself from the deathly Coronavirus?

How to protect yourself from the deathly coronavirus

How to protect yourself from the deathly Coronavirus?

We are in the middle of a pandemic and we still do not know how to get out of the reach of the coronavirus. Lakhs of people are getting captured in the web made by the virus daily. We pray almost every day to escape the fatal virus anyhow. But we don’t know how to protect ourselves from it. In this article, we will learn various ways in which we can protect ourselves from being affected. The way the virus has affected our personal and professional lives is adverse. It seems as if the Earth has stopped rotating and revolving for a year or two. The economies have fallen miraculously. Production is next to zero. Developing countries like India have faced thousands of problems. Population explosion is also one of the reasons the virus spreading speedily. Perhaps, our generation has faced this kind of situation for the first time.

This is the time when it needs to come to an end. It will happen only if we become serious about this serious issue. The concept of “Prevention is better than cure” is the best example right now. Either take precautions or get ready to be cured. 

Ways to escape the deathly virus

You might have heard people saying that it is next to impossible to not get affected by the virus as it resides in the air too. But, we still can try to prevent it from entering our nasal and mouth cavity by following ways: 

  • Wear your mask- 
  1. We are nothing without a mask. Do not avoid wearing a mask at any time of the day. Due to the second wave of the pandemic, it is being advised to wear a mask even at your home. You cannot risk your life. 
  2. Moreover, people wear a mask just for the sake of formality at their mouth leaving their nose welcomed to the coronavirus. Wear a mask properly which covers your mouth and nose completely. 
  3. Wear a mask that doesn’t demand adjustments over and over again. 
  4. Do not touch your mask again and again. 
  5. Make sure that you can breathe through the mask easily. 
  • Get vaccinated- The best way to protect yourself from Covid-19 is to get vaccinated. We all have been waiting for a year or so for the vaccine to come out and save the world. No, it has been out and people are afraid of getting vaccinated. You cannot enjoy the beauty of our past life till we get vaccinated. Do not believe the myths and rumours of the people. Go and get vaccinated. Also, do not consider yourself strong enough after the first dose. Once you get fully vaccinated, you can go on endless adventures. 
  • Wash your hands before putting a mask on- You can also sanitize your hands before putting on your mask. 
  • Maintain Distance- 
  1. It is impossible rather difficult to stay indoors for a year and more. We all need to get out to buy things of our need. Going outwards in a crowded area is an open invitation to Covid-19. You must maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and people whom you meet outdoors
  2. If we talk about the distance between the members of the family, then we must maintain the same distance of 6 feet from the sick member of the family (If possible, then maintain the same distance from other members). Moreover, try to avoid close contact with the members.   
  • Stay away from the crowd- With more people around you, the chances of getting affected by the virus are high. Avoid going out to the places like movie theatres, bars, markets, or hotels. Otherwise, it puts you in danger. Try to stay indoors as more as possible. 
  • Be aware of the symptoms- Symptoms of Covid-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Monitor your health regularly. You must check your temperature once a day. If you catch fever a bit, then you must lower it with meds. 
  • Eat a healthy diet- Eating a healthy and balanced diet will make you capable enough to fight the virus. It builds our immune system. At the beginning of the lockdown, out of boredom, people made a variety of fast food. This was an honest mistake of the people. This time is high time, we cannot afford any kind of mistake like eating oily and unhealthy food. Eat fruits as much as you can. One more thing, you should avoid ordering food from outside. 
  • Drink hot water- Drinking hot water can reduce the possibility of the virus staying in our throats. 
  • Take steam about two times in a day- Taking steam can help you with an open nose and might help in weakening the outbreak of Covid-19. Along with this, you must check your oxygen level if you are facing some problems in breathing. 

It is also advisable for everybody not to believe in various social media attachments. It is a request to all the readers to first verify the information which is being spread. Every responsible citizen must verify the news and then share it with someone else. The situation is serious and we need serious solutions. Do not believe in myths and sayings. If we are together in it then we can solve it with an optimistic sight. 


Nobody wants to experience and exposure to Covid-19. It is better to follow the instructions mentioned by our state and central government. It is foolish to take the situation lightly. Do not get out of your house until it is very necessary. 

If you have started experiencing some of the symptoms, it is your responsibility to keep everyone else away from you. A good citizen would never risk other people’s lives. If you do not want to take help from any hospital, then isolate yourself completely in your house. We fell into the pandemic together and so we will come out. Take care of yourself, friends, family members. It is going to pass and everything will be alright. 




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