How to speak English fluently with zero hesitation?

How to speak English fluently with zero hesitation

How to speak English fluently with zero hesitation?

Mastering a language other than our native language seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Communication skills have always been important in everybody’s life. Without the appropriate communication skills, it’s hard to outshine society and the world. That is why, when a child is in the learning age, he/she is obliged to learn the English language. We all know the importance of this global language. However, learning a language with grammar isn’t enough. It takes courage, optimism, and other several factors to present our thoughts in front of people in a language which is not our mother tongue. Speaking English perfectly demands knowing English perfectly. Therefore, learning right from the basics is the foremost step. The tools to improve your communication skills are mentioned in a section below. Let us first understand the importance of better Communication Skills. 

Why is it necessary to have Good Communication Skills? How do these skills help you in the workplace? 

The way you speak puts an impression on the people around you. You might have heard from many people that you must speak English fluently for the job interviews. Yes, it is so important. Nobody knows what your job can make you do. 

  • Good communication skills help people to understand the information more accurately in a short time. Whereas, breaks in speaking can make the other person lose their interest in the information. 
  • These wonderful skills help you to grab the best career for yourself. Sometimes, the way you present yourself is way too important than the knowledge you possess. If you have an accurate amount of knowledge but do not know how to present it then it can pose some difficulties at your workplace. 
  • Communication Skills help you in different aspects of life. You might have faced an issue at a social gathering or family functions. It feels awkward to even greet the relatives or the known. Why is there a sense of awkwardness? It is the poor communication skills that hinder our growth in different fields. 
  • Good Communication Skills fill in the confidence that anybody requires in their life. It is noticeable that people having great communication skills are more confident. What can be the reason behind it? If you speak then it puts an impression on the listener. Even sometimes, the listener feels less motivated because of your speech. This increases your level of confidence and motivates you to do better. 

Now, here we have 5 ways to improve communication skills. Follow them quite wonderfully to get the results. These are the strategies to improve communication skills

  • Speak out in the front of the mirror- I remember when I was in school and there was an inter-school debate. I was too nervous to speak out there even if I had complete preparation and knowledge of the topic. I told my teacher about the nervousness I was facing. She told me to speak in English in front of the mirror. When we look in our eyes and speak, it seems exactly the way we speak in front of a person. This tool will help you to increase your confidence and you will start speaking English fluently. 
  • Be Concessive- Express what you feel in as few words as possible. Too many words can confuse the listeners. Rambling can make a false impression on people. Also, when we speak too much, we are unsure of what exactly we’re talking about. This is also a helpful tool for “How to improve written communication skills at the workplace”. Do not write anything to increase the number of words. Be précised. 
  • Increase Confidence- Confidence is the key to success. If you are confident about what you say then your speech is effective. You can be confident only when you look in the person’s eye. Do not lose eye contact because when you do, the other person gets to know that you are out of confidence. Improve your standing and sitting posture. Body language does increase confidence. 
  • Be a good listener- Doesn’t matter who you’re talking with. Being a good speaker first demands being a good listener. I have found many people who speak exceptionally good but the only thing that they lack is in listening. If we expect people to listen to us when we speak then we must consider this expectation as a whole. Everybody loves to have listened. Communication involves active listening. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. Show the actual interest for greater understanding. 
  • Read Books and newspaper- It might sound a bit off but this is the best tool to increase your vocabulary. Knowing a language by heart is a difficult task. You might come across different facts about the language daily. If you enhance your vocabulary, it helps you in end number of ways. It builds your confidence and enhances your skills. Great Vocabulary plays a crucial part in building Communication Skills. 
  • Don’t get embarrassed- What people think of us scares us the most. Well, it shouldn’t. If you are in the learning phase then you should never get embarrassed about speaking things wrong. Everybody makes mistakes. All you need to do is to be positive about the fact that you can speak any language frequently in front of anybody. Increase your morale even around those people who try to pull you down. 

Action Plan to improve communication skills in the workplace- 

First of all, take help from the tools mentioned above. Second thing, do not hesitate in speaking. Hesitation causes stuttering. In the workplace, chat openly with your colleagues. If it is about speaking English, then deliver as much English as you can. You can also improve your communication skills by master talking on the Telephone. Take initiatives to present your ideas. This way can remove the hesitation. 




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