How to start affiliate marketing in a few simple steps?

How to start affiliate marketing in a few simple steps?

Starting with a simple example. Have you ever noticed that when we start using Google Pay it shows that referring the application with our friends can benefit us in getting bonus cash? I hope you have. Do you know what that is? Have you ever wondered about the benefit the company is getting by paying us bonus money for multiple downloads and sign-in? I remember I earned 51 rupees by referring Google pay to a single friend. I earned a few hundred this way! Funny a bit! So, coming right to the point. Why did Google decide to start this scheme? It benefits them as this scheme promotes the application. This is an effective way to make money online. It isn’t magic though. It requires a proper amount of knowledge. Let us know a little more.  

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If we talk in layman’s language, then Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money by recommending a few products or services to people or communities around you. You must have seen people referring to buy products from Amazon and some other e-commerce websites. This is referred to as Affiliate Marketing. 

You’re thinking to start earning through affiliate marketing, aren’t you? I have got it right. So, let us learn a few simple steps to start making money online. 

  1. Look for the category of products and services that you want to promote- How will you earn without promoting a product? You can’t. You must choose a product or/and service to promote. Okay! Now I’ll tell you how to choose the product. Listen to me carefully. Visit Amazon or Flipkart or any other e-commerce websites, open the pages of the category, and select a category of product that you’d like to promote. You also need to select a specific topic. You must choose the topic which holds the power to reach out to many people across the Globe. Now, you have to write for that audience that you’ve targeted audience. Once your topic is decided then you can move on to the commission rates for selling the product. 

2. Create your website- Yes, you’ve made the affiliate link. Now it is time to promote your link. There are ample ways to promote your affiliate link but I will give you the most effective one. Creating a website is the most secure and efficient way to promote it. The website has proven to serve as a foundation for online businesses. The website for affiliate marketing does not require many tools, features, or plugins. Your website must be a user-friendly website where users can read the content written easily. So, all you need to do is to create a website and promote it through various marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. Promoting your website will help in promoting your affiliate marketing. 

3. You must sign-up for an affiliate program- This is one of the most important steps for starting your affiliate marketing business. You must look for an appropriate affiliate marketing program. First of all, you need to do quick research on the most popular affiliate marketing programs. After research, you must choose the one which yields you the highest rate of commission for the product that you had chosen in the first step. You must be careful while reading the payment and other policies. You must go through the reviews because the experiences written on the reviews will help you in choosing the program wisely. Most of these websites will ask you about the details of your affiliate marketing website. You need to share your course of action because this way they can approve your registration request. 

4. Choose your product- In the first step, you chose the category from which you’ll select the particular product for promotion. Now is the time to choose the product. If you are still unable to choose the best product to start your marketing with, then I have a simple solution. Visit Amazon, then go to the bestseller section on the website or the application. You’ll find a long list of popular products. You can choose any product from there as bestsellers will yield you a much higher commission. Also, it is easy to get more and more people to buy the product.

5.  Create content for your website- It is all up to you if you hire a content writer for your website or you like to create the content on your own. The quality of content must attract real traffic to your website. 

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Yes, it is really hard to find an appropriate marketing program for ourselves. Don’t worry I have searched. I have gathered it all here. As I mentioned above that finding the correct program is the most important step. So, I decided to help you with it. There are many affiliate marketing programs in India. Some of them are mentioned below- 

These are the most trusted programs of affiliate marketing in India. These will help you to attain the returns that you expect. They work on CPA Network including many e-commerce websites and applications for reselling. Amazon and Flipkart programs provide you the brand name. It is healthy for your website to get registered under them. 

Conclusion- Growth of Affiliate Marketing in India

The concept faced and crossed many hurdles in the beginning. Miraculously, this marketing type is used to make online money by many households. A study mentioned that this type of strategy will grow by eight times within this decade. If you are a beginner and you hesitate because you’re uncertain of the probability of success, then do not worry at all as this profession is going to be fruitful for you. Affiliate Marketing will yield you an ample amount of money after every sale of a company’s product. Feel confident to start this business of yours. It is beneficial.

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