Myths Facts and Questions about Covid-19 Vaccines

Myths Facts and Questions about Covid-19 Vaccines

As we all know that the authorized and recommended COVID- 19 vaccines have been out in India for a month or two. It can be really difficult for the general public to rely on any kind of information source. I hope you have heard of the game “Chinese Wisper” This is exactly what is happening in here right now. Nobody has accurate knowledge about the virus and its vaccines. But still, people are sharing the wrong information on social media especially WhatsApp. Yes, nowadays, it is difficult to find credible vaccine information. If something isn’t capable of clearing out minds then it doesn’t mean it is wrong. 

Before trusting any kind of information, you must check if it is coming from a credible source of information or not. You must believe that Vaccination is the only way that can help us to get out of this pit that the world has been dragged into since 2019. 

Myths and Questions about Covid-19 Vaccines

  • How can we know that the vaccines do not have long-term side effects? It has been noted that after every few years the world suffers from a new virus. You must have noted that when a new infant is born, then the parents are provided with a file of injections and vaccines. What does it mean? Dozens of vaccines have been approved in the World. Did any of them show any side effects? No, because they have proven “remarkably safe”. This is the case with Covid-19 vaccines too. 

Long-term side effects of vaccines haven’t been identified. We’re aging without living our lives, it seems. COVID-19 can have long-term consequences. Also, why did it take so long for the testing of the vaccines made by each country? The reason behind such delay is the testing which has proved the vaccines safe. Dr. Silenzio said “You know what really does kill people and has long-term side effects? It’s COVID.” He is right. Go and get vaccinated when it is available to you.

What is the benefit of the vaccine if some of the vaccinated people are getting infected?

It is high time and all we are playing is a blame game. There has been no vaccine that provides 100 percent protection. Our minds have been preoccupied with false information. 

And yes, the reports from credible sources have mentioned that 0.04% of the vaccinated people are getting infected in India. This percentage equals 4 people out of 10000. The astonishingly good vaccines do not let the person die even if the person gets infected after being vaccinated. It just feels like a normal fever and cold. 

Young people don’t need vaccination

There is no such logic that young people don’t need a vaccine. Every day lakhs of people are getting infected irrespective of age group. Moreover, young people can experience “Long Haul” COVID-19 symptoms. Being presumptuous will harm us in one way or the other. It is better if you get vaccinated when it is available to you. And yes, if you get infected, you can spread the virus to your family members and nobody wants that.

Is it possible for the vaccine to make people sick with COVID-19

No, of course not! Authorized and recommended Cvid-19 vaccines can never make you sick with Covid-19. Vaccines are made from dead viruses but that does not mean that those dead viruses are going to make us sick. The function of the vaccines is to build and teaching our immune system to recognize and fight the virus that tries to enter our body. After getting vaccinated, you can experience fever and slight body pain. This happens because the body takes time to adjust to the changes vaccine has made in the body. But, yes it takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity to fight the coronavirus. 

Does a COVID-19 vaccine alter our DNA? 

No, COVID-19 does not even interact with our DNA in any way. Scientifically, the vaccines give instructions to our cell and then these cells start building protection against the virus that causes COVID-19. Our DNA is present in the nucleus of the cells. Therefore, the material does not enter the nucleus of the cell. 

So, the genetic material is left undisturbed by the Covid-19 vaccines. It is not the job of vaccines to alter your DNA. Do not worry. Go get vaccinated.

Can a pregnant woman go for vaccination? 

There’s no harm of Covid-19 vaccines on your pregnancy. There is no such evidence that vaccines causing problems in pregnancy by this date. Neither the fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine (including Covid-19 vaccines). If you are trying to get pregnant, then also you can go for vaccination. No such harmful side effect is observed and experienced till now.  

Is it safe for me to get vaccinated during and just after my periods? 

In India, we have this news type called WhatsApp news. Literally, the best rumor spreading app. This rumor has been widely spread in the nation now. Vaccines adversely affection women’s health during the periods is completely baseless. This rumor was further quashed by the government stating that women can take vaccines during their period without even the slightest concern. Experts have also been quashing these false claims as there is no such scientific evidence to prove the statement. 





Well, we know we have been in this situation together and it has affected our lives adversely. Spreading rumors or creating myths makes the condition worst. Do not spread havoc in people which are present inside you. Vaccination is the only way to get our lives back on track. There shouldn’t occur that there is no point in returning because it’s just too late to turn. 

Believe in the vaccines and stay safe with your family. Motivate people to get vaccinated. Otherwise, the outcomes won’t be good for the people. Moreover, do not believe and spread the information without confirming it from credible sources.

Go for vaccination and let’s get over with this.  

Dheeraj Bhandari

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