Successful Freelancing is not that tough

Successful Freelancing is not that tough

Successful Freelancing is not that tough

“Oh, you’re a freelancer. How much you can earn in a month just with freelancing?” “Do you think you’re going to live your life with some errands earned via freelancing? Is it enough?” 

You must have heard this from many people around you. But it’s a myth. Many people think that freelancing is more like a paid internship while it isn’t. The meaning of freelancing is simple. When an individual works for himself/ herself rather than working for a company then such kind of job is known as a freelance job. It does not mean that freelancers do not take contracts from other companies. They do take big or small contracts from various companies. But, the difference is that you are your own boss when you are a freelancer.  

So, if you are following in the footsteps to be a freelancer, then you’ve come to the right place. Not every freelancer is a successful one. But, it depends on your skills and dedication. 

In this article, we will guide you in respect to becoming a successful freelancer. But, before jumping on to the topic it is important to know the pros and cons of freelancing. 

Pros and cons of freelancing 

  • Pros of freelancing– You are the boss and you are the employee. That’s a healthy environment to work in. Freelancing enables you to control the workload and the clients you work with. In simple words, we can say that while you are a freelancer, you are in the driver’s seat. You are the one to choose which path must be taken. You are the one to determine the speed. A freelancer chooses the clients to work with at a specific pay rate. What most people love about freelancing is the flexibility in working hours! Does any kind of job provide that? Probably not. Moreover, you might have observed most of the freelancers opt for work from home scenarios. 
  • Cons of freelancing– Yes, there are a few cons of freelancing too. To be honest, you are not going to get a constant and proper amount of work from the clients. This also results in the breakage of constant income. Therefore, a steady workload and steady income are not possible every time. Along with this, there are several minor disadvantages of no leaves at all, no health benefits, and no paid time off. 

If you prefer the pros over the cons then we are going to help you with freelancing furthermore

The first thing that you must know is that Freelancing is not just about earning an amount of money. It is more about exploring and gaining exposure in a field in which you are interested. Here are some key points to become a successful freelancer. Follow this guide to fulfill your dreams: 

  1. Reach out to as many people as possible- As we all know perfectly that success isn’t easy. It requires a lot of effort. As a freelancer, you are totally on your own. You are your boss, your manager, your own HR, and your own advertiser. Reaching out to people, offering your services will help you in becoming a successful freelancer. You really need to make your objectives and work clear to the audience. When people don’t know about every detail of your work, they will never trust you. Reaching out to people via social media and other links can be really helpful. 
  2. Determine your rate- No matter in what field of freelancing you go, you will have to decide your fee. If you are a beginner, then it is advisable for you to keep a low rate. Low experienced freelancers are not expected to charge high. No one will become your client if you have too high a rate for your work. Keep reasonable rates and you can enhance the amount gradually. What are the most important factors for determining your fee? See, the theory of commerce is simple. Do a proper analysis of how much you are putting into your work. You must get that amount back in some way or the other. Otherwise, it is not going to be beneficial for you. Therefore, you need to put the minimum amount equal to the average money you’ve put into. 
  3. Set your schedule- here, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Remember not to put on too much work on your shoulders. Beginners do this mistake the most. Taking a huge load of work than you can actually do is stupidity. This way, you’ll lose your clients by dissatisfying them with incomplete work. Making a schedule will be wise. Take the work in as much as you can comfortably do. Aim to be busy for four days a week and leave the rest for planning and growing. You really need to learn how to say “No” when too much work comes up. Stop saying yes to everything that comes in your way. 
  4. Remember these do’s- 

Do’s include-

  • You need to make sure that you stay in contact with fellow freelancers. 
  • Let your closest professional and personal contacts know what kind of work you’re looking for.
  • Find an accountant who can help you set up your finances and make tax filing easier. 

Never believe in what you hear, always believe in what you see and experience. People term freelancing as a hard way to earn money. They often consider it less helpful in earning a handsome amount of money. That is so not true. See, the point is even a full-fledged job can give you less satisfaction and less money. It totally depends on your skill and on your strategies to grow. If you can do extraordinarily well, then you’ll get the result in the exact same manner. We hope that the article helped you in choosing the right and successful path for your freelancing journey. Gain experience step by step to enter in Freelancing world. Keep the key points in your mind. 

Dheeraj Bhandari

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