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IDE or Integrated development environments are very good friends of Programmers and developers. It is a software platform that provides a good environment and a bunch of awesome tools in order to help programmers to build software and web applications.

 IDEs are for programming code to a specific platform or platforms and have integrated features that know how the platform works and how to use the features of the platform through compiling code, debugging code or intelligently completing code automatically.

There are many IDE are available on the internet some of them are free and some of them are paid version. Some of them are Freelancers best choice and some of them are used by Software Developer team.

In this article, we have picked Top 5 Most used IDE of 2021 by the programmer and Web Developer by the ease of their uses.

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is Possibly the best IDE which is loved by all kinds of Developers. A Microsoft-owned open Source IDE that supports multiple programming languages and markup languages like JavaScript, Type Scripts, Node.js, Python, C, C++, C# PHP, and many more. Thanks to its integrated application store. Which helps in adding functionality within the IDE in ease of Developers.

Some Key Features :

  • Autocomplete with IntelliSense based on variable types
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Function Definition
  • Ease of Importing Modules
  • Customizable Hot Keys
  • Integrated Github and Debug Feature
  • Customizable theme
  • LiveServer Support

2. Atom by Github

If you are looking for something customizable and easy to use you are going to fall in love with this Atom by Github IDE.  It has a built-in package manager for installing new packages or start creating your own as well.

Github also supports multiple languages like Javascript, Python, JAVA, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, etc

Some Key Features :

  • Find, preview, and replace text as you type in a file across all projects
  • Teletype tool — enables collaboration with other developers from within the editor
  • It works across different operating systems such as OS X, Windows, or Linux
  • Ease of Importing Modules
  • Customizable
  • Package Manager

3. Sublime Text 3

Sublime is one of the best Simple Easy to understand IDE available in the market and one of the best JavaScript editors available for free. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s fast and flexible and it will do everything one should expect from the best IDE for website development.

Sublime Text 3 supports a number of different programming and markup languages, including Python, C, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The interface is known to be clutter-free and fast.

Some Key Features :

  • Instant Project Switching
  • Go To definition/ Symbols
  • Pan function
  • Importing Modules
  • Split Editing
  • Customizable Menu, Snippet, etc
  • Code Autocompletion.

4. IntelliJ Idea

A JetBrains-owned IntelliJ Idea IDE specialized in Java-centric but support multiple programming languages. One of the best features of this IDE is its ability to automatically add handy tools that are relevant to the context. It supports HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. It’s free but has a paid version with a fuller suite of development tools.

Some Key Features :

  • Deployment and debugging tools
  • Intelligent text editors for HTML, CSS, and Java
  • Git Integration
  • Automates repetitive programming tasks
  • Supports Google App Engine, Grails, GWT
  • Static code analyzer
  • Supports multiple build systems

5. Pycharm

If you are looking for a decent and free IDE the Pycharm will suit you. a number of languages, including Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and more.

The IDE is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux and has a paid sister software you can purchase if you’d like something more reliable.

Some Key Features :

  • Supports Google App Engine
  • Integrate with Git, Mercurial, and SVN
  • Customizable interface with VIM emulation
  • Importing Modules
  • Customizable
  • JavaScript, Python and Django debuggers

Final Word

Now some of you still confused and thinking about “which IDE should I Pick”. So According to me if you haven’t used any of them you can go with Visual Studio Code. It is an open-source IDE and Gaining the Popularity Day by Day. You can start with it and just explore it over time.

Dheeraj Bhandari

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