Way to choose Right Carrer Path!


Way to choose Right Carrer Path!

What am I going to do with my career? How to decide? In which field I must go? Why can’t I concentrate on my career? What should I do? Will I be able to make a handsome amount of money? From where to get career advice? What is my objective? In what way am I talented? What kind of job will be suitable for me? 

I am sure that your mind is preoccupied with these questions. I am also sure that you want the answers to all of them. It is absolutely okay to have these questions in your mind. It is actually good as you care about your career. But, everything done in excess is harmful to us, right? Similarly giving too many thoughts to it will become toxic for you. It is better to make an effective plan and starting the work on it. We, humans, tend to complain about everything around us. It is our mind that asks for excuses every since and then. So, what should be done? Why is it so hard to choose a career path? 

The increasing competition has resulted in difficulty in choosing the career path. On a personal level, you might be struggling to find a career path for yourself due to the following reasons: 

  1. Insufficient experience- I hope you’ve heard people saying that experience matters for both the employer and the employee. But why is that? Lack of knowledge and lack of experience can make you stuck in the dilemma of choosing the path for yourself. It is advisable to gain experience via internships and fresher jobs in your field. 
  2. Insufficient Research- Without research, you cannot even think of putting your feet into that field. Research does not just mean taking out your laptop and browse the internet for information. The research includes talking to your family and friends about different career opportunities. It also includes talking to people who have been engaged in the field you’re planning to go to. This will help you in understanding the pros and cons of that field. 
  3. Rush- At times, students are too excited to jump into the pool without knowing the depth of it. I mean that getting excited is good but not too soon. You must give proper time to your brain to process the area of study. Getting into things faster might waste your time, motivation, and resources. Therefore, it pushes you away from finding the right career path

What are the problems and challenges faced by students in finding the right career? 

Every story has different characters, right? Similar is the case with the challenges students face while choosing a career. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  1. Financial Crunch- Believe me, the financial crisis is the challenge in most cases. This may prevent the student from following his/her dreams. 
  2. Improper or No Guidance- Guidance plays an important role while choosing a career. There must always be a person to guide you, to show you the path. Be it a teacher, an elder, parents, or anybody you consider that will show you the right path. 
  3. Peer pressure- You must have observed that students choose their field in Class 11 on the basis of their friend’s opinions. Doing something which is done by your peer doesn’t make it right or suitable for you. Taking decision’s under the influence can pose a great challenge in the mere future. 

How should you choose your career path?

Here’s the solution to all your career-related problems. The phrase “Can’t decide on my career” would disappear with the below-mentioned points: 

  1. Recognize your interest- It’s a fact that if we opt for a field, in which we have the interest, then we will always feel content in the job. On the other hand, if we do something we never wanted to but now we have to, then such a job will give tons of stress to your mind and body. 
  2. Create a list of top 10 careers- Yes, this is the most necessary step for you all. Look for the careers because then only you can choose one of them (or maybe two). If we pull the arrow in the open sky without any target then it can attack someone’s eyes. Do you know what I meant to say right here? I mean to say that randomly picking up any career would do you no good. Search for careers. Write the pros and cons. Then you must decide for yourself. This makes the job pretty easy. 
  3. Make short-term and long-term goals- I suggest you make a diary. Divide the diary into two sections. One sector for short-term goals and another for long-term. You must have a clear vision of your career in front of you. Decided goals motivate you to achieve them within the time being. 
  4. Attend Career Counselling Sessions- Believe me or not but Career Counselling Sessions give you more knowledge about different careers than the internet. They are built of endless experiences. They will acquaint you with a variety of careers to choose from. Schools must invite people from nearby and conduct a career counseling session. 
  5. Write a plan- After you’re done choosing the career, it isn’t easy to just get everything you want in that field. You must make plans. You must make schedules for your day. This is where the real struggle begins (Candidates of competitive exams can relate much better). 

Conclusion- It’s the hard work and the dedication

One of my teachers told me one day that if you’re determined to achieve something, there is no universal force that can hinder you from achieving that. I felt this that day. Nothing can stop us from being the way we want or choosing the way we like. We just need to be strong and completely focused. This works everywhere. Be it your career or personal life. Follow the 5-points mentioned in the above section. Make your dream real. 

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