What is Best Digital Marketing or Affiliate Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Do you know- Affiliate Marketing is worth more than $12 Billion and still growing rapidly. Not only this but Affiliate Marketing contribute 15% of all digital media revenue. It is measured that 15-30% of sales are generated by Affiliate Marketing. So now you understand the power of Affiliate Marketing.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing is an Ocean of online marketing. The World 75% of Marketing budget goes to Digital Marketing. From this, you can evaluate the difference between the value of Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. If Digital Marketing is a Book then you can consider Affiliate Marketing as a Chapter of the Book.

Some Depth about Digital Marketing

Have you ever watch TV, Netflix, Online Streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram Reels, Twitch, etc or you have ever watched commercial ads running on this platform this all the arms of Digital Marketing. A very simple concept with very wast knowledge to learn. Show ads to lead and generate clicks and sales.

Digital Marketing is any marketing which is done through Digital Medium is known as Digital Marketing. There is no such business is available in today world which is not using Digital Marketing for their own Goods and Services. Time has been changes and Virtual marketing is over where a person distribute some pamphlet or product voucher outside Cinema, Restaurants, Hotels, Laundry Houses, Gym, etc. Now the time has change everyone a smartphone whether he is Kid who loves to Play Games and Learn Something on the Internet or whether it’s you who is currently reading this or whether it is your 50 Year Uncle everyone has a Digital Device which is sufficient enough for this Digital Marketing company to show their product to you.

Some Arms of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

In order to get on a Top of the Search Engine Result, Many websites use this method. This method consists of various steps including On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, and Keyboard Research. Many large scale companies pay to a different digital marketing agency to optimize their own web page. This is because being on top result of search engine Gain result and its look Authentic, Organic, and Genuine.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know the world population is around 7.8 billion out of which 3.81 Billion People are directly connected to Social Media by Different medium. So here’s come the X factor of Social Media Marketing. Turning a Business into a Brand is not easy but many Businesses become Brands with the use of Social Media Marketing in a short span of time. It’s Include Influencer Marketing, Running ads on Different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Content Marketing

Traffic is defined by user choice content. On a simple note, content Marketing is defined as Niche Directed Content. This Niche can be your Hobby, Business, or your study, whether you a Dancer, Restaurant Owner or Legal Adviser. You can put content on the Internet of your relevant field and attract the visitor who wants the information of the same Niche. For Example, if you are a Dancer then you can publish your content on Dancing for Beginner and how to lose weight while dancing or something like this. Your Content not just educational but it should be engaging, relevant, and Sharable as well so that it can gain more trust of your visitor. When someone tries to know about Dance your blog website will be on that page.

Content can be build using a variety of form which includes Blogs, Videos, Images, Webpage content, Podcast, Social Media, Podcast, Infographics, Forms, Social media Post, Listing

Email Marketing

Have you ever wonder when visiting a random site there is a popup window camas across your Device Screen which contains an urgency message like “Subscribe to our News Letter” etc. with consist some brain Catchy and attractive words so that visitor put their Email Address into it without hesitating. This is nothing but a method of collection of Email Addresses in order to use them for Email Marketing for various purposes. This is the reason it is a very popular Marketing method in which you can send an offer letter or Information direct in your Customer Mail Box within a fraction of a second.

Search Engine Marketing

They are simply referred to paid traffic which includes Google ads, Native ads, Facebook Ads, Google Shopping ads, Pay-per-Click, Display ads, and more. Although SEM isn’t usually a major component of comprehensive SEO strategy but is still helpful for the business to gain leads and valuable traffic fast and easily.

Affiliate Marketing Depth

Promoting Others Product on any platform you want in order to get some limited percentage margin from the product is known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is growing rapidly even in the pandemic just because of its simplicity. Promoting a product need just a link and you just need to through that link to any Social media platform. When a buyer buys that product from your link your commission gets tracked automatically and you get a fixed percentage of commission on that purchase. Simple to use marketing method for everyone.

Different Arms of Affiliate Marketing

Pay Per Sale

You shared an affiliate link of a product to the buyer and the buyer simply click on that link and purchase the item. Then you will only get a commission for this sale from the E-commerce company. A simple and understandable method of Affiliate Marketing.

Pay Per Lead

In this method, you are not selling the product but instead, you are generating a lead. This lead can be defined as any form whether it a mailing address, Email Address or it can be the Cell Phone number of a person. While generating a lead you have to make sure that this lead is perfect and relevant for the company wants. For Example, if you are generating a lead for a Legal advising farm then you should make sure that the lead must be required some legal advice so that it would beneficial for the Company as well.

Pay Per Click

In this method of Affiliation Marketing, you were getting paid even customer doesn’t purchase anything from your click creation. But he just surrounding around the website for the time being. Then those Ecommerce companies pay you for this. Now you are wondering why these companies pay you even though visiter doest purchase anything from their website. A very simple answer for this is Creating Brand Visibility among the Visiter. Once the visitor knows about your brand there is a very high chance of growth among the popular search engine. Pay Per Click (PPC) has a low cost of margin among the other method of Affiliate Marketing but it is still very popular among the Digital Marketer.

Final Word

Now you clear about the basic concept of what is Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Now the questions are which better between this the answer is Digital Marketing. Because Affiliate marketing is an arm of Digital Marketing and on the other hand, Digital Marketing is itself a very vast concept. You can use any one or multiple arms of Digital Marketing to grow your or your client’s business.

If you want to learn about Different popular arms of Digital Marketing and the concept in-depth simply refer to this link in which we have explained the Top 5 parameters of Digital Marketing.

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