What is SEO and Why it is Important


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Do you know-Top five websites that come up on search engines take 33% of direct traffic to their site. Now the thing is how this top site came on top result of the search engine. The answer is SEO. SEO is neither Complex nor very easy but the only thing is understanding it.

What is SEO

SEO is also important for Gaining Visitor Trust, Brand Awareness, Position between other competitors, It gives you the Authority to serve your visitor without a second doubt.

SEO is not just a tool but it a concept concludes with different other things like Keyword Researching, Content selection, Authority, On-page SEO, Backlinks, Local SEO, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as well.

What is SEO and Why it is Important

We will get to know about these things below and by this, you will know how things revolve around SEO.

1. Keyword Research

Do you know in the early 19s this is one of the official methods which is responsible for ranking sites on Search Engine. But that doesn’t mean that they are not crucial. As the name indicates this is something that is related to the keyword. We use this method for identifying trending Keywords on the Internet. We design our content Heading, Tagline, Description using this method.

Have you ever wonder why changing a sentence or phrase which usually has the same meaning brings different websites on the Search engine. This is mainly because of keyword Researching that this website has already done in their content.

When doing keyword research the thing that we need to keep in mind that it has a High Search Volume with Low Competition and it should be simple to understand and must be directly related to your content. The keyword must be either a Short tail keyword like “Dance School” or Longtail Keyword like “Dance school in the USA” or it should be a local keyword like “Dance school in Oklahoma” totally dependent on your content. You can use keyword optimizing in your website content, Description, Heading, and URL.

2. Content

The main and vital playing role in SEO is content. Content decides that will the visitor will stay on your webpage or they leave which we know as bounce rate. So content is something that defines your niche. For Example, if you are a Dancer then you can publish your content on Dancing for Beginner and how to lose weight while dancing or something like this. Your Content not just educational but it should be engaging, relevant, and Sharable as well so that it can gain more trust of your visitor. When someone tries to know about Dance your blog website will be on that page. For the time came your visitor can be turned into your client if they want to know about Dance course your Blog name will be popup in their mind. content can be build using a variety of form which includes,

Blogs, Videos, Images, Webpage content, Podcast, Social Media, Podcast, Infographics, Forms, Social media Post, Listing.

3. Off-Page SEO

This is something that involves external optimization practice which mainly includes citation and backlink. Backlinks are commonly practicing techniques to build site trust among the different search engines. It gives search engine authority of trust and tells the search engine that the website contains Quality content. Which increase the visibility of your site among the user on the search engine.

There are multiple tactics of backlinking but some of the best are Guest blogging, Creating useful infographics, Highly Shareable Content, etc.

4. Local SEO

Do you know more then 50% of searched are performed from Tablets and Smartphone and not only that but half of this searches are intent for local result. This is where Local SEO become so important.

For Example, if you owned a Cake Shop then the people who came across your city are likely to search Best Cake Shop in the City. Then your shop will be a pop up on search engine Result. This can be done byh claiming local Directory, Google Business Page, Google Map Registration, Google + account. Creating page for your Shop etc.

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

They are simply refer to paid traffic which include Google ads, Native ads, Facebook Ads, Google Shopping ads, Pay-per-Click, Display ads and more.

Although SEM isn’t usually major component of comprehensive SEO strategy but is still helpful for the business to gain leads and valuable traffic fast and easy.

Final Word

Now you have an idea about what is SEO and what are there major component. So in modern Era of Internet SEO became very essential It increase trust and authority of your site and gain popularity over search engine which lead to increase sale and gain loyal and valuable customer for your business. SEO are important to build relation with your customer and increase customer experience.

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