What should be done to increase focus on studies?

How to focus on studies without getting distracted

What should be done to increase focus on studies?

We all know our priorities. We still pretend to delay it some way or the other. Delaying schedule is one of the reasons for losing consistency in many fields of work. Be it your academics, household work, or in the profession: we need to have focus. This happens the most with the children studying in the schools and colleges. They lose focus in their studies. But what can be the reason for losing focus at such a crucial age? Many children face the problem of wanting to study but are unable to. I have been through that phase too. You might be finding the answers of “How to focus on studies without getting distracted?” or “How to focus on studies when depressed?” We are sure that all your questions will be solved in this article. 

Before, jumping on to the solution we must know that what things are the reasons for the lost focus that you are experiencing? 

There can be several distractions causing elements in our surroundings. Avoiding distractions is what we have to do. If you are experiencing the following problems then you need to regain your lost focus: 

1. Insufficient Motivation

  • You must have your motive clear. If you have the motive clear then you will internally the adequate motivation to increase focus on studies. Motivation helps you to stay focused on your work. You can’t study well when you are forced to study. Study because you want to study. Get the answer of “Why are you studying”?

2. Improper Sleep

  • For a schoolchild, it is compulsory to get an adequate amount of sleep. Disturbed sleep can result in a disturbing focus on any kind of work. 6-8 hours of sleep is mandatory for every child to focus on study. If you yawn in between the studies then there is a lack of sleep or lack of interest.

3. Insufficient study material

  •   Studying from limited and incompatible resources can lead to a break in your sitting time. Well, what can be done to avoid this problem? It is advisable to search for proper learning material.

4.  No Guidance

  • I believe in mentorship. A child needs an external motivator or motivators. Guidance comes under the head of motivation. Guidance plays an important role in showing the path of goals to the children. Therefore, it is necessary.

5. Situational Distractions

  • It is easy for situations to distract a child. Children are easily distracted by the things around them. They can be negative and they can be positive too. It is important for the children to avoid such distractions and clear their heads regarding the goals that they have for the mere future.

So, how to improve concentration and focus while studying? What should be done to study effectively and efficiently?

It is easy once you put your paws in it. Basically, it seems difficult for us to change ourselves but once we are determined to do so. Maybe, it isn’t that hard. Here we provide you the solutions to many of your problems.

1. Make a schedule

  • The children I’ve guided were asked by me to make a schedule for the day. Do you know what they replied to this? They replied, “These schedules are of no good, they can’t be fulfilled” Actually, they’re not wrong. It might happen to everyone. But, why is that? It is a game of mind. If you are so determined to follow the schedule, you will do well. On the other hand, if your mind gets lazy then the schedule would not be fulfilled. This is where we go wrong. We say we’ll do it later. And unfortunately, the “Later” doesn’t come soon. If you’ve written in the schedule that you’re going to study at 4 pm then go for it at that time. Don’t delay it.

2. Drink Water

  • Probably, this is the everlasting technique to study for long hours. Water freshens your mind and removes the concept of a tired mind. Always keep a water bottle with you.

3. Sit in an appropriate position

  • Position affects our concentration level too. We know comfortability is what we prefer but while studying comfort will do you no good. If you think you’re comfortably studying while lying on your back then you’re going wrong. You can’t study when you are too comfortable. Studying on a study table with your back straight is the best position to study for long hours.

4. Make short-term goals

  • You can’t study a random topic from a random subject. Before starting the study, jot down the targets of the day. Divide the topics into segments. This will help you to attain the goal efficiently. You will appreciate yourself. Making impossible or hard targets will lead you to disappointment. Make a short target and achieve them with a sense of confidence.

5. Don’t study continuously

  • Studying continuously leads to less effective work. This decreases your efficiency. It is advisable for you to make a few rest intervals if you want to focus on your studies for long hours. 

How to focus on study during exams

  • Find yourself the best place in the house to study with no disturbance. 
  • Make yourself comfortable with the surroundings. 
  • Make sure that you have proper lighting in the room.
  • Get proper sleep the night before the exam (6-8 hours).
  • You must learn to turn a blind eye. Do not waver your mind or eyes somewhere they shouldn’t be. 
  • Figure out the topics which are too important for the exam. 
  • Eat properly. You must not avoid a proper diet. If you do not eat properly, it can make your body tired. 
  • Do not feel the mental pressure of “too much syllabus”. 
  • Study with an optimistic sight.
  • Do not think of the result. 

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